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Wednesday, July 31, 2024

Summer Webinar Series

Start Date: 7/3/2024 1:00 PM EDT
End Date: 7/31/2024 2:00 PM EDT

Venue Name: Virtual Event via Zoom Events

Organization Name: Virginia Society for Technology in Education

Rod Carnill
Email: rodcarnill@vste.org
Phone: (804) 925-8783

Sponsor: The Social Institute

The Social Institute Summer Webinar Series 
Session 1 July 3, 2024
How Innovative Schools Are Addressing Social Media, Current Events, and Tech
Attendees will learn:
• 5 best practices to avoid key mistakes when modernizing your approach to modern life skills & social media education and address student well-being.
• The latest research behind why schools are adopting a positive approach to social media that empowers and equips students, rather than scares and restricts.
• The role of social media and technology in student well-being.

Session 2 July 10, 2024
Revealing 2024’s Biggest Trends with Students, Tech, and Social Media
Attendees will learn:
• The top apps and devices 3rd-12th grade students are using daily.
• The positive impact social media has on students’ lives, from students.
• Real-time insights into how students are navigating everyday situations related to social media, technology, and current events.

Session 3 July 17, 2024
How social media fuels student learning, well-being, and success
Attendees will learn:
• Ways educators are helping students represent their core values and character in whatever post, text, or video they share.
• The role of positive role models and mentors that align with students interests and goals.
• How students can enhance their online presence and privacy settings as they prepare for the college
admissions process.

Postponed - TBA 
Session 4 July 24, 2024 
AI for Academic Excellence: Unleashing the power of tech in your school community
Attendees will learn:
• Strategies for integrating AI into the classroom and your school community in positive ways.
• The evolving role of AI in shaping student culture and its potential benefits in empowering school communities.
• Ways educators can utilize AI in their personal growth and development.

Postponed - TBA 
Session 5 July 31, 2024
Addressing Student Actions Online to Create a Healthier School Culture
Attendees will learn:
• Productive ways to identify cyberbullying at your school.
• Modern strategies students can use to stand up against cyberbullying and “cyberback” by having each other’s backs and supporting each other online.
• Ways to reduce negative actions by amplifying the positive ones we see from influencers, role models, and friends.


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